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gluten free

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​※Only JAPAN

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コ メ ト テ に つ い て

We manufacture and sell rice milk gelato made from Tango Koshihikari rice.

Since it is made from plant-based ingredients, it can be consumed by vegans, vegetarians, and those with dairy allergies.

Tango, located in the northern part of Kyoto, is an area surrounded by the Sea of Japan, mountains, rivers, and rich nature, with a rich climate and temperature differences between day and night.

TightlyThis is the perfect environment for growing delicious agricultural products.

We also offer products made with seasonal vegetables and fruits grown in Tango. ​

つ く り て

For about 20 years, I worked as an Italian cuisine chef mainly in Kyoto.
While working, I learned the importance of materials and became interested in local materials, so I went to the fields of farmers in the Tango area and learned many wonderful things.
I made a U-turn to my hometown because I wanted to experience the delicious produce and share the feelings of farmers with their passion.

​kometote Yoshihiro Hashida


Tighten the material
trapped in a cup
Rice gelato born in Tango

Delicious water.

We pump up and use groundwater from Manaihara, Miyazu City.

Soft water is soft, mellow, and sweet, and goes well with rice, giving it a rich flavor.

Delicious rice.

The land is fertile due to the abundant water flowing from the mountains, and rice cultivation has been practiced since ancient times.

It is blessed with a climate suitable for thriving rice cultivation. The Tango region is the birthplace of rice cultivation

It is also said that Koshihikari rice is extremely rice that has received the "Special A" rank the most in Kansai.

Good quality rice is produced.

Delicious crops.

The organic soil of the Tango region is suitable for farming, and the combination of rich nature and temperature difference between day and night makes it unique.

Crops are harvested that are strong, rich in minerals, and packed with sweetness.




The motif is Amanohashidate, one of Japan's three most scenic views.

We communicate our feelings from people (producers) to people (customers) and connect them.

​I would like to stand between them and introduce Tango's rich ingredients in my own way.




Standing between producers and consumers, we convey information to consumers in our own way with the utmost care.

You can directly visit the producers and get a feel for their feelings and commitment to the ingredients, as well as the hardships and pleasures they go through before harvesting.


We use manufacturing methods that maximize the taste, aroma, and flavors of each season to express them in a way that allows them to be experienced as they are.


"Rice and Hands"
​ May the connection spread through the auspicious rice...


​``Rice Ball''

​I hope that eating rice balls will lead to various good relationships...





​Eat a lot!!

Agricultural products grown in the rich nature of Tango, Kyoto.

We also offer a variety of flavors including collaboration products.

*Some products are not vegan-friendly, so please be careful when making your selection.

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​※Only JAPAN

​Compared to general ice cream...

Calories 1/2 Fat 1/14

最大で脂質 1/12

All ingredients are “vegetable”




Content display
Tango Koshihikari, organic cane sugar, mirin, vegetable oil (rice oil, sunflower oil)
Processed agar products, salt, soup stock (kelp), trehalose, vegetable emulsifier
+ Flavor ingredients

A delicious way to eat gelato

​When you want to eat it, let it come to room temperature and let it soften a bit, then mix it to incorporate air before eating.The flavor and taste will stand out and it will be delicious. You can have it.

Farmers and businesses who are indebted to us

Rice Chantseya Farm

Vegetables Umemoto Farm

Vegetables sora farm

Organic Tamba black beans aiko farm

Tea Fukuki Farm

Ginger farmer Mr. Sekino

Komoike Dainagon KOMOIKE Azuki Co., Ltd.

Akihime/Shinhoro Melon Taniyoshi Farm

​Grape Tsunemi Shiraiwa Farm

Fig watermelonShibano Farm

Asakura Sansho Mr. Hashimoto



Beekeeping Mimi Reine

Sake Kinoshita Sake Brewery

​Salt Nihonkai Farm

Rice malt Ono Jin Miso Soy Sauce Brewery

[Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture​]

Mango Shikuwasa Shiroma Farm

Hometown tax return gift ※Only JAPAN

京都府/宮津市 京丹後市

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